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Custom Calibres

In addition to our line of  over 50 factory loaded calibres of IMPALA HIGH PERFORMANCE CARTRIDGES we have developed loads for a host of other rounds. Many of these calibres are in stock or can be manufactured in short term. Others have a delivery time depending on availability of cases. On demand we also load another type of bullet (e.g. RNFP or LWFP instead of LWHV) or reduced loads.

Extra costs: Each new loading has to be CIP proofed at the Vienna proof house  approx. 120.- Euro excl. ammunition

The following list is not complete and gives you just a few samples of custom calibres we can handle.  Ballistic  information  please contact us

.222 Rem. Mag.,5,6X50Mag., 5,6X57R,
6X52R Bretschneider, 6X70R
25-06Rem., 6,5X54MS, 6,5X58R, 6,5X70R, 6,5X65, 6,5X68R, 7mmSTW,
 30-30Win., .300 Rem. Ultra Mag., .303 British,
8X64S, 8,5X63R,.35Whelen .358Norma Mag., 9,3X64,
.444Marlin, .45-70, .500Jefferey(12,X70 Schüler),
.38Spl., .45ACP, .45Long Colt,.500S&W Mag.
Other calibres on demand.

Minimum Quantity, Price and Time of Delivery on Request.